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E. Coli ravages Chipotle chain

Chipotle has always been the go-to fast food restaurant for healthy Mexican food. Consumers take delight in its delicious flavors and spices, and fresh produce, which gives the fast-food chain a very positive reputation; however, due to an E. coli outbreak concerning eight locations in Washington and Oregon, Chipotle voluntarily closed down 43 locations in these areas. This resulted in many consumers questioning the company’s promise of fresh produce.

The outbreak has infected 39 people, out of whom 14 have been hospitalized. Fortunately, no one has died. Nevertheless, Chris Collins, a victim from Portland, Oregon, told CNN affiliate KATU that he has “never gotten sick like this.” The excruciating pain in my abdomen was “something I’ve never experienced. It feels like your guts are being ripped out.” He was not the only one to feel this way; Charmaine Denise Mode experienced severe and bloody diarrhea days after eating at a chipotle in Washington, where a lawsuit was filed against Chipotle for damages of $75,000.

Health officials have not yet determined where the bacteria originated. Ongoing investigation is trying to determine whether it is linked to one specific meal or a common ingredient. It is still undetermined when stores will reopen, due to the investigation, as well as to the possibility of outbreaks in other states.

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