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Family Weekend approaching

Photo from Family Weekend 2017 by Alec Stanly

Rollins’ annual Family Weekend is quickly approaching. It is set to kick off on Thursday Nov. 3 and last through Sunday Nov. 6. Family Weekend costs $60 per family. This includes admission to scheduled programming as well as a welcome bag.

Families are invited to attend several activities, including a block party, a farmers’ market, a tour of the haunted Annie Russell Theatre, a Rollins Improv Players (RIP) show, a morning yoga session, and a conversation with President Grant Cornwell.

Aside from these in-person offerings, there will also be a virtual session on Thursday; it will provide an opportunity for parents to ask questions about resources or life on campus. Families are encouraged to attend whichever events interest them.

“It’s a great chance [for families] to see what campus life is like for their student,” said Director of Student Affairs Trish Moser. “We’re hoping that the weekend rounds out what the needs are for families but also gives time for them to enjoy spending time together.”

In the past, Family Weekend has attracted between 300 and 400 families annually, with most being the families of first-year or senior students. Generally, a large portion of these families are from Florida.

During COVID-19, however, attendance dropped to about half the normal size as programming was solely virtual. This year, with the resumption of in-person programs and the large freshman cohort, the number of attendees is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels.

Families are still able to register for Family Weekend through Oct. 31. If a student’s family is unable to attend, the student is still invited to partake in the activities.

“Our goal would be to have the whole Rollins community really enjoying the weekend,” said Moser.

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