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Festival sparks art, music

Matteson032Last Saturday April 11 Fox Fest celebrated music, art, and the Rollins community. The event had a last minute venue-change to Dave’s Down Under due to predicted thunderstorms, but that did not stop the Fox Fest team from throwing one hell of a shindig. As a core member of the team, I assisted in the planning of the event since September 2014. Despite the perpetual chaos throughout the planning process, watching everything come together as well as it did really was a dream come true. I have wanted to coordinate a music and arts event since I was about 12 years old, so throwing an event as awesome as Fox Fest has certainly made me proud. Here are my five most memorable aspects of Fox Fest:

The Vibe in Dave’s
The forecast showed a very high chance of thunderstorms, so we simply could not risk having the event outdoors. The last minute venue-change was a bit of a curveball but wound up working out for the best. CPR, our production company, was extremely accommodating and rigged the stage in Dave’s for an awesome light show, and the sound ended up being really great. Furthermore, we were still able to set up booths upstairs and have live art near the stage. The weather forecast was correct in predicting thunderstorms, so it was a very good thing we relocated.

Rollins Acts
Acoustic duo DJ and SJ provided a wonderful start to the event with their beautiful acoustic covers. Their undeniable synergy and charisma on stage flooded the room with smiles and positive vibes. Following them was Menace, who really got the party started. The high-energy rapper took the stage with his entourage complete with hype men and a backup singer to help ignite the venue. The dance flood filled up fast as the crowd began to warm up larger acts.

Eliot Lipp
This Pretty-Light’s-Music-signed producer threw down an absolute scorcher! Due to logistical issues Lipp’s set was extended and the crowd was treated to a two-and-a-half hour dance-a-thon. His set incorporated everything from psychedelic jazz and downtempo grooves to raging hip-hop and experimental bass music. Prior to his set Lipp also sat down with our own Ariana Simpson ’16 for an interview on WPRK. He was also an absolute pleasure to work with from start to end.

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