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Herbst Overlook dismantled, temporarily leaves no path

Photo by Alexander Knobloch

The Herbst Overlook on Holt Avenue is now closed, leaving no complete path to walk along. First built in the 1990s, the overlook ran along Lake Virginia, covering the stretch of road where there is no sidewalk. Herbst Overlook, however, was dismantled over the summer due to issues with termites.

According to Assistant Vice Principal of Facilities Services Jeremy Williamson, “the current configuration is how the sidewalk was designed, with the Overlook acting as the connector.” 

Therefore, the closure of the overlook means that pedestrians must walk in the road, as there is no alternate path where the overlook once stood. This poses a danger for students: especially those who travel often along that route.

Photo by Alexander Knobloch

“Even though it is a relatively small stretch of road, the fact that there is no sidewalk makes it very dangerous for pedestrians and drivers who are in close quarters with each other,” said Nick Stein Snyder (’26), a student who lives at Sutton and frequently uses the path to enter the main part of campus.

In addition, the sidewalk is hazardous for those with mobility impairments, as it is in violation of ADA regulations

“[T]he current sidewalk does not provide barrier-free passage, so a temporary accessible pathway was identified for use until the Overlook is reconstructed,” said Williamson.  

After permits are issued, the school plans to restore the overlook. Once the overlook is rebuilt, it will again serve as a connector for the two separate sidewalks, at which point the path will be accessible.

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