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Hub director’s departure sparks replacement search

Rollins Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub is left understaffed after its former staff director, Patrick Odoyo, left his position this summer to pursue humanitarian work in his birth country of Kenya. 

Odoyo made the decision to leave Rollins after working at the college for over two years. 

Before his time at Rollins, he was president of Friends of Dago, a non-profit organization in Dago, Kenya, where he taught villagers and helped house and feed over 150 children in the local orphanage. 

Staff members at the Hub are already missing his presence.

“His positive energy and focus on community was integral to the Hub operations and network. He supported student and faculty engagement and partnered with many key organizations in Central Florida, providing pathways for learning and growth,” said Micki Meyer, Lord Family assistant vice president for Student Affairs -Community.

While the goal is to replace Odoyo by January, when Rollins Hall opens, the position will have been empty for over a semester.

“We have been very thoughtful in developing a temporary plan to support our students and faculty, and continue our key programs,” said Meyer.

Currently, the position is being covered by Dr. Dan Chong, faculty director of the Hub; Melissa Nelson, the Hub’s administrative assistant; and social entrepreneurship student Kinsley Gerks (‘20). 

“I’m pleased that we have a strong team of faculty and staff who remain steadfast in their commitment to social impact, continuing to build capacity so that all students have the opportunity to engage in this important work,” said Chong.

Not only is the Hub awaiting a new integral staff member, but its location is also undergoing a major move. The hiring of a new staff director should be complete by January 13, the anticipated opening date of the Kathleen W. Rollins Hall, where the Hub will be permanently relocated.

 “Our goal is to identify a candidate that has the ability to organize, execute, and deliver on the College’s vision for engaging all students in changemaking activities,” said Chong.

As of The Sandspur going to print, Odoyo was unavailable for comment.

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