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Increased Reports of Vandalism and Disruptive Behavior

Rollins students have caused increased reports of vandalism and disruptive behavior along Holt Avenue and in the College Quarter Historic District, along the northern shore of Lake Virginia. 

“I am not sure that I would describe it as a ‘spike’ per se, but a gradual building of several incidents strung together over the course of the semester. This is not a ‘one off’ or a single person acting out. It seems as if the standard level of behavior has sunk so low that there are weekly issues impacting both personal and public property,” said Ken Miller, assistant vice president of public safety.

On April 10, an email was sent out by Leon Hayner, assistant vice president for student affairs and dean of students, to the student body reminding them of the importance of being a good neighbor. Since the email was sent, additional incidents of unruly behavior have been reported, including students trespassing on privately owned docks on Lake Virginia. 

According to Miller, the Winter Park Police Department is increasing patrols in the affected areas to dissuade this behavior. 

“There seems to be a fairly regular pattern of students coming back from off campus establishments, following Holt Avenue back to campus at approximately 2:30 – 3:30 a.m. Also, when groups on private docks have been confronted, they have acknowledged being Rollins students,” said Miller.

Students caught vandalizing property or trespassing may face repercussions from Rollins due to violating the Rollins Code via Community Standards. In addition, those caught may be cited, fined, or charged by the Winter Park Police Department.

“The College certainly understands the need for students to relax, blow off steam, and enjoy being a college student. However, when it negatively impacts those around you, it no longer is fun or acceptable. When it becomes repetitive, it is no longer bad behavior, it is bad character that impacts all of us,” added Miller. “We should be known for our academics, athletics, arts, alumni, etc., not how many lights and picket fences that are being damaged on Holt Ave. on a weekly basis. It is now embarrassing.” 

This sentiment was repeated by Hayner, who concluded his campus wide communication by stating: “We are Rollins. We can and should do better. As I say at orientation, please remember to always show respect for self, respect for others, and respect for the College. I expect this of you and ask that you expect this of yourself and your peers.”

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