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InterVarsity Diversity Dialogue

Monday March 25, 2013 a diversity dialogue concerning the recent InterVarsity controversy was held, as well as a discussion regarding on-campus rights and the non-discrimination policy. Students, staff, faculty, and community members created a huge circle of chairs and held a respectful, open, and widely-versed conversation.


“I’m here to challenge the notion that homosexuality and Christianity don’t go together.”
-Grace Loescher, ‘14

“I’m looking for hearts to be loving and minds to be open.” -Grace Loescher ’14

“Rollins non-discrimination policy hinders the goal of global citizenship.” -Daniel Berlinger, ‘13

“The fact that there are hate crimes on campus is a problem.” -Dan Berlinger ’13

“I’m proud of InterVarsity to speak in an environment not stacked for them.” -Senny Luu Alumni, Class of 2012

“It did not erupt into conflict.” -Senny Luu ’12

“[The Dialogue] highlights a tremendously complicated issue and tries to get the right balance.” -Bryan Fulwider, Member of Winter Park Institute

[information]The article on the recent derecognition of InterVarsity is available here.

The opinion of the students involved is available here. [/information]


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