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Net fluctuation for your Netflixation


With the semester in full swing, Rollins students find themselves with little time for relaxation. The gorgeous gaps in their schedules and the deluges of rain, however, occasionally give them the chance to sit in front of their screens and pay a visit to their ever-available friend—Netflix.

In September, every student’s enabler of cheer and procrastination will introduce new characters and say goodbye to a number of wonderful stories. Many students question why good movies are leaving while Netflix overflows with unheard of titles and outrageous B-list adventures. Examples such as Zombeavers and Cowboys vs Dinosaurs come to mind when considering what could have left with little fanfare, versus the reality of the golden titles actually being stripped away.

Many students spent the last days of August binge-watching their favorite shows while they still could. Whether they decided to watch the last three seasons of Fringe or perhaps coffee-power through Death Note before these shows went to streaming heaven on August 31, the students of Rollins feel each other’s sleep-deprived pain.

Looking on the bright-screen, a few new seasons and blockbuster films are trickling in. Recent student binges are likely to continue with new seasons of Blacklist, Daredevil, and Stranger Things, hitting laptop screens everywhere this month.

“I will say I’m incredibly excited about the return of Narcos! Loved the first season,” Christopher Becker ‘20 said when asked what he was excited to see on Netflix this month. Fresh flicks coming to Netflix are also garnering attention, from the classic gore of Jaws to the new and funny. “Zootopia is where it’s at. I saw that movie twice,” Rebecca Candage ‘20 testified while discussing the new additions. Her fellow RCC student Lindsey Wright ‘20 expressed excitement for The Imitation Game, which she hadn’t realized was coming this month.

While the missing episodes and movies will be sorely missed, the arriving titles are hotly anticipated. As Netflix continues to please its audience with various original series such as Peaky Blinders and Stranger Things, the company is sure to keep the collegiate masses returning for more. Despite its release date looming far ahead in 2017, Karina Barbesino ‘19, a peer mentor, is ready for season 2 of Stranger Things. Mary Vickers ‘20, one of her mentees, responded with anticipation of another favorite: “I can’t wait for Gilmore Girls!” The long-awaited revival is set to release in November.

Whether they are counting down the days, binge-ing a series while they still can, reveling in the B-list movie madness, or mourning the loss of a favorite title, Rollins students are united by this ever-present cinematic companion and partner in procrastination—Netflix.

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