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Open Mic Goes Down in Dave’s

For the 99 percent of you who did not attend, Open Mic Night in Dave’s Down Under was an enjoyable activity that should have been advertised more. Anyone could get up on stage and do whatever he or she wanted: jokes, singing, monologues, etc. In fact, an open mic night does not have to be a voice event. You can juggle, dance, tap dance; you can do anything you want.

Not many people were there besides the soft ball team, but the host kept it entertaining. I went up and told a few jokes, and so did two other people during the time I was there. The event would have been much more fun if more people had att ended, but the lack of people made for a calm atmosphere. Those who were there will agree that the only problem other than the low attendance is that number 56 never got their order from the grill.

The event mostly consisted of the host trying to get people up on stage. Most people were very reluctant to get on stage, probably due to nerves, but the crowd was not large so it should have been easy for the most sheepish of people. Some people did jokes; one person danced; but the fun of Open Mic Night was the light-hearted humor of the corny jokes and the host playing off the awkwardness caused by the small audience.

Everyone who did attend had a good time, and so did I. Nobody stayed long except to eat (excluding some of the soft – ball team), but I have a feeling that, if this had been well advertised, it would have been a popular event and loads of fun. I am going to take care of that problem right now. All of the fun events coming up can be observed on the website getinvolved.

To wrap it all up, Open Mic Night at Dave’s Down Under was a lot of fun. It was fun to get up on stage and tell a few jokes, as that opportunity does not come often to non-performers.

If getting on stage is nerve-racking for you, you can just come and enjoy watching others entertain; but at least one of these events is bound to be a blast for you, so try them all! But most of all, give Open Mic Night a try, because the more people that show up, the more fun it will be.

Here are some of the monthly events that you can find on that site:
– The first Monday of the month is Movie on the Green, a free movie on The Green (formerly Mills Lawn).
– The second Tuesday of the month is the Open Mic Night, the event that I just described.
– The third Wednesday of the month is “Wingo,” which is a portmanteau for Wednesday bingo.
– The last Friday of the month is DJ night at the pool

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