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Red Carpet on The Green

Each year, Rollins gives the first week of the Fall semester the title “Be a Part from the Start”. This week is filled with different activities that help students engage with the community. Last Tuesday night, Rollins organized a movie on the lawn, for which they showed the movie Mooz-Lum. The movie was about a Muslim boy going through school and college, and the struggles he faced within the community as well as within himself. Students were supposed to come to the movie with their RCC classes. Most of the students liked the movie and the idea of the event. Students also liked the story and the theme of the movie itself. One of the main ideas of the movie was that people should not judge a whole religion based on the actions or attitudes of one person who follows it. The movie particularly focused on the true meaning of the religion of Islam. Students thought that the movie was very emotional and appreciated its objective of urging people to stop looking at things from a narrow perspective. They understood the themes of the movie and were, in fact, discussing them amongst each other as it was playing. Many of them said that the movie taught them new things about the faith of Islam that they did not know before, and that that was one of the things they most liked about it. Overall, the students thought it was a great night and they all enjoyed it.

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