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Rev. Katrina Jenkins Leaving Rollins

Photo by Alexander Knobloch

The Rollins community received news that Rev. Katrina Jenkins, the dean of Religious Life, will be departing to take a position at Rutgers University. Jenkins explained that she believes her new position will allow her to reach a larger audience than ever before.

“I have only worked at private colleges. Two of the three I have served have been liberal arts colleges. Rutgers is a large state school with approximately 68,000 students. They have 40 religious life organizations and 25 recognized chaplaincies in the form of community partners.  However, there has never been a dean to intentionally help foster religious/spiritual discussions and engage in areas of advocacy. I will be their first one.”

Jenkins will be arriving at Rutgers as the New Jersey university has been involved in a 3-year process of determining what the role of religious and spiritual life should be on campus. She will play a central role in the outcome of this process in her new role as the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life. Jenkins feels that this new role will allow her to extend her ministry opportunities. She also cited Rutgers’ proximity to her family as a major reason behind her decision.

Photo by Alexander Knobloch

When asked to reflect on her time at Rollins, Jenkins said that one of her proudest achievements is the installation of the campus’ permanent labyrinth in 2021. More broadly, Jenkins said she is proud of her contributions to faith and belief systems at Rollins.

“I tried my best to have enriching discussions about faith and spirituality via programming and the expansion of our student organizations. I am proud that I was able to partner with faculty/staff, students, and community members on so many levels.”

Jenkins will remain on as the dean of Religious and Spiritual Life at Rollins for the remainder of the school year.

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