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Sandspur senior goodbye: Trinideé Mercado

I have never been someone who is good at goodbyes. I have found myself both dreaming of and dreading my final article with The Sandspur over the course of my senior year. Nothing brings me more joy than knowing I can use this article to thank the many wonderful people who make this publication possible, even if it is wrapped up in a farewell.

Leaving The Sandspur is bittersweet––the publication has served as my home over the past four years. I went to a meet and greet for The Sandspur my first week of Freshman year and left an hour later with my first article assignment. From that point forward, this organization has been intertwined with my college experience. During my time working in the publication, I have written over 50 articles ranging in topics from campus updates to politics, natural disasters, and breaking news. 

When COVID-19 began, my involvement with The Sandspur began to feel far less like a club and more like a pillar within the campus community. More and more members of the community began reaching out to our staff, both for answers and for an outlet to share their stories. While we transitioned to a primarily virtual publication working from a distance, we managed to strengthen our bonds within the community in a way I am immensely proud of.

Over my four years at The Sandspur, our publication has drastically changed but our purpose has remained the same: to shine a light on the stories within our community and to keep our community informed.

I look forward to seeing how The Sandspur continues to grow and evolve in the coming years. I know Peyton Poitras (‘24) will do a wonderful job of keeping the campus community informed and involved as Editor-and-Chief next year.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunities this publication has afforded me and proud of the stories I have been able to tell. 

Thank you to the many members of faculty and staff who support our publication and help keep the campus community informed. Special thanks to President Grant Cornwell; Vice President for Student Affairs, Donna Lee; AVP for Student Affairs-Dean of Students, Leon Hayner; Lord Family Assistant Vice President for Engagement, Micki Meyer; and Assistant Vice President of Public Safety, Ken Miller. I thank you all for your dedication to the campus community and the countless interviews, meetings, and emails you have taken part in with myself and our staff.

To Sandspur Alumni, Hannah Butcher (‘22) and Zoe Pearson (‘22) thank you for teaching me to become a better journalist and for serving as my editors, mentors, and friends.

To photographer Alexander Knobloch (‘23) who joined The Sandspur on the same day as me, thank you for taking this journey with me. It has been wonderful seeing you grow as a photographer and I know that you will go on to do amazing things. 

To our staff writers Hannah Bridges (‘23), Kara Wright (‘23), Sarah Ogden (‘26), and Arabella Lilleslatten (‘25): I am so proud of all of you. While The Sandspur could be defined as a job, club, or department agency, it may be closer to a major than anything else. You all work tirelessly to keep the campus community informed while taking part in weekly workshops to hone your journalism skills. I am so proud of the work you have done and the journalists you are.

To our wonderful assigning editors Rafael Hasson-Valdez (‘24) and Ana Luisa Fujiwara (‘24), congratulations on your new positions as business manager and managing editor of The Sandspur respectively. I know you will do great things.

To Peyton, you are going to do amazing leading The Sandspur and Pinehurst next year. I have no doubt you will make every moment magical.

And to my parents, my unofficial editors who have read every article I have ever written or edited: Thank you for everything.

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