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Sophomore brings bowling club to campus

Graphic by Francisco Wang

A new bowling club has debuted on campus. Formed by a group of twelve students, and headed by Julian Miracle (‘24), the club holds events at Aloma Bowling Alley, which hosts official leagues and professionals in Winter Park.

Although the organization was just created, the sport is not new to Rollins.  

“Bowling is a fun activity for Rollins students even dating back to 1892,” said Miracle. While information about its history is limited, there is recorded history of Greek life  engaging in competitions over the decades, with students partaking in the sport since the 1800s.

Miracle said that he was inspired to create the club due to the “inviting environment that Bowling brings.” 

“Being a member of the Rowing Crew at Rollins, I am someone who loves a fun competitive group and participating in activities with others,” Miracle said.

Miracle said that the club offers a way for people to come together and explore a new hobby.  

“Participating in competitions could be possible in the future depending on the interests of the members in the organization, but we are just a recreational team [for now],” Miracle said. 

No skills are necessary to join the team. For more information, those who are interested can email Miracle at

Meetings, which will resume in the fall, will take place weekly on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. at the Aloma Bowling Alley. There is no designated transportation, so Miracle asks that those who are interested communicate with him ahead of time.

“The Rollins Bowling club is open to any student or faculty of Rollins College. I would love to meet and play a few games with you,” Miracle said. 

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