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Scared. Unsure. Excited. Mostly afraid. That is how I feel, for someone who is growing up on it. I’m not sure where the next four years are going. I think the candidates are also scared. I’m not sure of the world I’ll be dumped into, or of the world I’ll be dumping my children into in the next twenty years.

– Zach Siegelson ’16

This is the first political campaign I’ve followed closely and it was very interesting. The debates played a crucial role for me; I was shifting between candidates.

– Armando Santin ’16

I feel brutalized, no place is safe from campaign ads; they’re everywhere, even on YouTube videos about the Discovery Channel.

– Travis Ray ’16

The most memorable moment for me was during the town hall debate, when the candidates were circling each other and it looked like a fist fight.

– Isaac Carpenter ’13

I’m excited because it’s the first election I’m voting in. It’s also the first time I’m in an environment where people are educated on the issues. Voting is an important part of being an American.

– Jesyca Ramirez ’14

I’m nervous. Whoever wins, there are going to be a lot changes, especially with gay rights; Obama supports gay marriage while Romney wants to make an amendment to ban it.

– Emalie Holmes ’15

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