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Tinsel Talk: Bieber Fever Wears Off

Making scandalous headlines and becoming one of Hollywood’s most disliked celebrities, the spiraling pop star is leaving behind an infamous legacy.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Justin Bieber is an outrageous, pretentious, little tool. During his “My World” days he seemed less annoying and more tolerable; however, a recent slew of controversy and scandal has catapulted him onto many people’s sh*t lists.

Where to begin? Well, we could trace the negative image to his public urination episode, his bratty reputation, his cocky persona, or even that horrendous 15-year-old Emo girl haircut (just to name a few). For whatever reason, Bieber has become one of the most disliked celebrities in Hollywood. His music videos, despite racking up millions of views, receive scorn and a chain of dislikes and negative comments. The Internet itself seems to label Bieber as enemy #1. Oftentimes, he is thrown into the same category as “Twilight” and George Bush. But does he really deserve all the hate he receives?

Here is the thing: talent only gets you so far in Hollywood. Christina Aguilera, for example, is another celebrity with a tarnished reputation—various sources insist that she’s colder than a frozen chicken breast. For instance, when introduced to Mary J. Blige, Aguilera apparently extended her hand in a way that insinuated that Blige should kiss it. In response, Blige released a statement contrasting Aguilera to her rival, Britney Spears. When asked about her thought process during the scenario, Blige said, “Britney Spears cannot sing like you, but she will go farther than you because she knows how to respect and treat her people…from fans to supporters.” Miss Blige’s words ring true for the Hollywood world. Real success is not based solely on vocals and dance abilities. The artist has to be likeable in order to thrive. Is it not coincidental that Christina’s most recent albums flopped?

After years of boasting a shaky reputation, an artist’s fan and industry support may dwindle. Soon, the idea of the artist becomes trite and “uncool.”

Bieber’s recent actions are just extra fuel in the haters’ arsenals. Some people find him unbearable simply because he’s successful and constantly “around.” You can’t escape his music or his presence. Coupled with his ridiculousness, this provides an extra reason for people to dislike the “Biebs.”

So, yes. We do have reason to dislike him. What do we do about it? Sit and wait. Slowly, Mr. Bieber’s career is eroding. Rumors of his involvement in a fling with a Brazilian prostitute have dominated the gossip blogs as of recently. For every Bieber protestor out there, do not fret: you won’t have to wait long. The fame monster is slowly devouring him—his excessive wealth leads him to make unwise decisions that ultimately can and will destroy his career. And unlike Miley Cyrus, who intentionally uses controversy as means of success, Bieber’s scandals are more grave and demeaning. Did you know that if he were to set foot on Brazilian soil he would be arrested for vandalism charges (after he spray-painted his hotel room wall?) Oh, and let us not forget that he wiped his stage floor with the Argentinian flag. Classy. So, if Bieber annoys you, do not worry: he’s not forever. No pop heartthrob is. Just ask the Jonas Brothers.

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