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Tinsel Talk: Pop queens redeem Hollywood

Disturbed by Hollywood’s dark side, Sarafian shines a redemptive light upon three of the scene’s most viable role models.

Trash reigns supreme amidst the minefields of Hollywood ruled by the Chris Browns and Justin Biebers. While tabloids spit out covers glamorizing these horrors—the abusers, porn stars, reality show princesses, and tinsel town train wrecks—there exists glimmers of inspiration and goodness. Dig through the trash and you will find that lost earring. Here are three influential celebrities whose good deeds drown out the shadows cast by their colleagues.

Demi Lovato Demi Lovato personifies the concept of a comeback. In 2010, Lovato checked into a treatment center to combat her struggles with depression, eating disorders, and self-harm. She reemerged as a changed woman, using the scars of her past to change the future. She released her hit single, “Skyscraper”—a song that chronicled her phoenix fall and rise. In addition to becoming the spokesperson for numerous anti-bullying organizations, Lovato has taken her story public, speaking openly about her past struggles in order to help fans facing similar situations. Single-handedly, she has become one of the most inspirational celebrities in Hollywood, the face of recovery, and a moral voice of integrity.

“I think she’s an inspiration because she openly shows and tells the public her struggle, showing young people that it is possible to overcome obstacles,” –Caitlin Acap, ‘15

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga may be known for her hit singles and bizarre costumes, but there is another defining factor behind the pop superstar. Gaga has become the voice of the outcast. Since the dawn of her career, she has stressed the importance of love and tolerance. She cemented her overarching theme with her song, “Born This Way,” instructing those who feel different or weird to love themselves and what makes them different. Gaga has become a gay icon of sorts, serving as a celebrity voice for the LGBT community. She even scheduled a private meeting with President Obama to discuss bullying and rates of suicide among the LGBT community. Say what you want about Gaga, but the woman has saved lives and inspired countless young people to be “as free as their hair.”

“She inspires you to be yourself, no matter how crazy people may think you are,” – Mario Depedro, ‘16

Kesha Rose You may be wondering two things about this choice. First off, who is Kesha Rose? Well, perhaps you know her better as Ke$ha. After checking into rehab for an eating disorder, the pop star reemerged as Kesha Rose, dropping the dollar sign from her name. Secondly, why her? Well, contrary to popular belief, Kesha is not just Jack Daniel’s and partying. While her music may come off as “trashy” at times, if you peek into the artist from a different lens, you will see that she has flipped the gender roles of the music industry. She sings about sexualizing men, the same way that men sing about sexualizing women. She is also a huge advocate for animal rights, individuality and self-expression, gay rights, and self-love.

“She is awesome because she doesn’t care about what others think about her. She does her own thing and isn’t influenced by mainstream norms,” – Laura Levitan, ‘15

These are just a few of the celebrities who personify goodness and balance the moral scales of Hollywood. Which celebrity inspires you?

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