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Tinsel Talk: So You Want to Be Famous?

The road to fame may be easier than you think. With these five steps, you’ll be one step closer to the spotlight.

Have you always dreamed of performing on a stage in front of thousands of screaming fans? Have you ever wanted to strut down a red carpet? Do you want to be that girl who trips while walking up the stairs to receive an Oscar?

Unfortunately, not everybody “makes it big.” Thousands of hopeful actors and actresses flock to Hollywood or New York with dreams of starring in films alongside the likes of Angelina Jolie, Bradley Cooper, and Gabourey Sidibe. Sadly, not everyone’s fame-related aspirations take flight. Though, some do hover—perhaps one day, you’ll book an online commercial for Sweet Tarts. Better than nothing, right?

The life of the aspiring celebrity (whether that be the singer, the actor, the comedian, or the porn star) is not an easy one. Some make it. Some don’t. That’s the harsh reality. Perhaps you’ll be told during your first Hollywood audition that you don’t have the face for film. You can easily buffer this by citing Sarah Jessica Parker’s career and financial success.

So, just how does one make it? How do you go from bussing tables at a Calabasas Chili’s to starring in a TV-movie opposite Melissa Joan Hart? Here are some hints, tips, and facts about how to become the star you’ve always wanted to be.

1. Be In the Right Place at the Right Time:

Natalie Portman was discovered in a pizzeria. Jennifer Lawrence, in a family restaurant in New York. Rosario Dawson, on a stoop. A lot of the time, people get discovered based on pure luck. The hefty, old man who keeps staring at you could possibly be a renowned talent scout (or, he could just be a pervert).

Luck and chance play a huge role in getting roles. These scouts purposely people-watch as a means of stocking their talent arsenals. So, keep cracking those inappropriate jokes while in line for Chipotle. Don’t be afraid to dance ridiculously at that SoHo nightclub. And if someone random strikes up a conversation with you, for Christ’s sake, be friendly. You never know who it is. It could be a guy who works at Home Depot. It could be the same talent scout that discovered Jennifer Lawrence. Which leads to my next point—

2. Don’t be an A-Hole:

Look, if you’re living out in L.A. or New York, always pretend like someone important is watching. Most likely, a talent scout will trail after the friendly, sunny girl rather than the insufferable snoot. Treat everyone with respect—I mean, this should be a general rule applicable to all mankind. But, in the fame game, you never know who you’re talking to. So, don’t immediately brush that old guy off. He could be your ticket to hosting the VMAs.

3. Have Talent:

This one’s a given. Have something you’re good at. The casting directors of that Advil commercial aren’t expecting you to be Meryl Streep, but it’s still important to give them your best. Regardless of what you want to do, there are always lessons available. Your acting skills are subpar? Take a class. Not sure if you have a decent singing voice? Videotape yourself. Become the best that you can be—thousands of other people are chasing the same dreams as you. Stand out.

4. Keep Going:

The road to fame is a bumpy one. It’s not overnight. Hell, it’s not even as magical as #1 makes it out to be. Unfortunately, the chances of you getting discovered on a stoop are pretty slim. Slim, but not impossible. Your dream could take years to reach. It’s important to be patient in the process. Just keep going. Keep auditioning. Keep practicing. Keep bettering yourself. Don’t let rejection sting—everyone gets tossed from an audition. Every celebrity in Hollywood has been denied at least once.

5. The Magic of the Internet:

Haven’t we all heard of Jenna Marbles? She’s a Youtuber who videotapes herself (and her dogs) being ridiculous. This  “Youtuber” has millions of fans and followers. Mostly every young adult in today’s society knows who she is. How? The Internet. Jenna’s fame is off the charts—she’s even been offered her own TV show (which she politely declined, stating that Youtube is her home). The Internet is the perfect venue for you to display your talent and personality. So many comedians have been discovered on Twitter. Likewise, singers get plucked up from Youtube on the daily. So, cover that Katy Perry song and upload it. You never know who’ll watch it.

So, if you want be famous, go for it. Live out that dream. You only get one life. Don’t be that person who has to live out their failed aspirations through their children (lookin’ at you, Dina Lohan). Do what you have to do to make your dreams a reality (corny, I know). Take the steps you need and want to take. Don’t let anyone hold you back (whether that be a producer or your own mother). It’s your life and you’ve only got one. Every celebrity out there never knew they’d actually make it. Don’t feel discouraged. It’s a hard goal to reach, but not an impossible one.

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