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Traditions Committee aims to bring students together

Graphic by Peyton Poitras

Formerly known as the Fun Committee, the Rollins Traditions Committee was established during the college’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic by Assistant Director for the Center of Campus Involvement Alexandra Woods. The intention was to determine student needs and provide students with programs that fit their needs. The committee underwent a name change to the Traditions Committee last year with the goal of creating lasting traditions on campus.

The committee consists of President Bella Naples (‘26), Weekly Events Chair Paige Petty (‘27), and Graduate Assistant Ashley Wools, who serves in an advisory role. 

“Alexandra and I are really working to just provide fun opportunities for the campus,” said Wools. “I think with Covid and everything kind of still being on the come up from that, students just need something fun to be able to do [that] free as well.” 

The goal for the committee is to plan fun events for Rollins students and create new traditions along the way. With this new direction in mind; Wools, Naples, and Petty have begun planning events that they hope to see both students, and faculty engaged in.

“We want to kind of look at what students want so we’ve come with some surveys and things like that we’re hoping that people will participate in—saying what they liked before, and what they’re looking for— so that will hopefully guide some of our events in the future,” added Wools.   

A point of emphasis for the Traditions Committee is to encourage collaboration between students, and faculty. Although they have not been able to fully accomplish this goal yet, they have gotten the opportunity to work with other organizations, and hope to work with more in the future. 

“Students should join the Traditions Committee to build connections with the campus, and all that it has to offer,” said Naples. 

Open positions on the Traditions Committee executive board are still available, and the paperwork to apply can be found on Get Involved.

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