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Want to participate in an internship but have financial concerns?

The Gateway Fellowship is meant to fund students’ academic internship experiences during the summer, and it is open to students of all majors. A full list of program requirements can be found on their webpage. Funding per person is determined by the Center for Career and Life Planning (CCLP) and the financial aid department, along with the Gateway Fellows Committee. Financial aid covers the various expenses that come with the internship.

“Students greatly benefit from this particularly when engaging in non-paid internships and/or out of state internships,” said Jessica Arroyo, Assistant Director of Internship Advising at the Center for Career and Life Planning.

She added, “Gateway funds can greatly assist students who are participating in internships abroad by offsetting the cost of travel expenses as well as other internship expenses such as housing, transportation, among other things.”

Students who participate can also have their stories featured on CCLP’s social media and on the Rollins website.

One Gateway Fellow, Jay Kirkley (’24), used the program to engage in his interest in public policy. For his internship, he worked for representative Anna Eskamani.

“[Anna Eskamani] taught me the power of humanizing policy,” Kirkley said. “You can talk as much as you want about facts and figures, but when you’re going door-to-door, meeting people face-to-face, and talking with them about real issues, it means a lot to be able to humanize the policies.”

Not only did the Gateway Fellowship experience give Kirkley practice in his field of interest, but, according to him, it also gave him general life and work skills. In an internship class he took prior to the start of work, he learned professional practices, such as when to wear each type of business attire, along with how to set goals. Kirkley also mentioned how the program gave him more experience living on his own.

“It was a nice stepping stone to see how the real world would be,” said Kirkley.

The deadline to apply for the Gateway Fellowship is Sunday, April 23rd. Students who want to learn more can attend an information session on April 18th at 1 pm at KWR 320.

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