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Festival continues celebration of contemporary lit

03-01_natalieLast week, United States Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey visited campus as part of Winter With the Writers. She wrote Native Guard, a Pulitzer Prize winning collection of poetry. For her Master Class, the interns for the literary festival asked her questions about her process of writing, publishing, and craft. She read from her poems to illustrate her points. Later, there was a well-attended reading in which Trethewey read from Thrall, her most recent collection that focuses on art, race, and her relationship with her father. A book signing followed the reading.

Next week two writers, Malena Mörling and Katie Farris, both known for their original works and translations of poetry, will visit. Malena Mörling is a poet and translator of Swedish poetry. She is known for her two collections of original poetry, Ocean Avenue and Astoria. She has collaborated with Jonas Ellerstrom on a collection of Swedish poetry translated into English, called The Star By My Head.
Katie Farris wrote a book of short stories, Boysgirls, which also includes beautiful illustrations. She, with Ilya Kaminsky, translated the works of Guy Jean, a French Canadian poet, into a volume called Mourning Ploughs the Winter.
“In boysgirls, Farris makes an art of taking myths we all love and using them to tell a new story. Throughout the book, there are hints and allusions to Daedalus and Icarus, Narcissus, and even Cyclopes. The real beauty of boysgirls is that it shows us how to read the stories we all know and love anew and, once again, experience that glowing passion of an excellent first read,” said Mario Ferrucci, a Winter With the Writers Intern.
Both writers will be on campus on Thursday, February 19th. Mörling’s Master Class will take place at SunTrust Auditorium at 2pm. Following, Farris’ Master Class will be at 4pm in Bush Auditorium. At 7pm in Bush Auditorium, both will read from their works, followed by a Q&A and book signing.

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