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New academic year brings new changes to campus

During peer educator training, Rollins officials and staff announced several changes that are coming to campus this year. Whether you are a new or returning student, here are a few things to look out for as you enter the 2023-24 academic year:  

Wellness Center  

Online Appointments: Students who wish to book a Counseling (CAPS) or Health Services appointment may now do so online through the Wellness Center’s page on the Rollins website. The portal allows students to select a practitioner and time that works for them, eliminating the game of “phone tag” that many students faced previously when trying to book an appointment. If appointments are not available online, students may call the number on their site to see if additional times are available.  

Cancellation Fees: Effective Aug. 21, students who do not cancel their Wellness Center appointments more than two hours in advance will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. Fees will be charged directly to the student’s R-Card account. This fee may be contested if a student feels it was undeserved.  

Contagious Illness Definition: On April 17, the definition of “serious and contagious illness” was expanded to include diseases such as “tuberculosis (TB), mumps, measles or German measles (rubella), certain strains of hepatitis and meningitis, as well as any coronavirus, influenza, monkeypox, and chickenpox.” Previously, most professors only accepted COVID-19 as an excused illness under the old contagious illness policy. This new, expanded definition is expected to discourage ill students from attending class while diagnosed with any of these diseases.  

Dining Services  

Dave’s Boathouse: From comfort food to Kosher and Hillel offerings, Dave’s has seen several menu overhauls in recent years. This year, Dave’s introduces a new menu with items inspired by Asian cuisine. Students can build their own dishes or order a la carte. AVP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Leon Hayner has already given Dave’s a new nickname: TarPanda.  Unlike last semester, R-Card swipes will not be accepted.  

Kosher and Hillel Station: Because of Dave’s menu shift, Kosher and Hillel offerings will find a new home upstairs in the Marketplace. The new station is currently under construction and is expected to open within the first few weeks of the fall semester.  

Campus Life  

MyRollins: Content previously available through FoxLink has transitioned to a new platform, MyRollins. MyRollins launched on Aug. 1 and will replace FoxLink beginning on Sep. 5.  

Housing: This year marks the largest class size in history, with 1650 students living on campus. All students who requested housing received it; in order to accommodate for this demand, many of the rooms in Elizabeth Hall were tripled and some of the apartments in Sutton increased capacity to hold five residents.  

This article was originally published in our Welcome Back print edition on Aug. 18.

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