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Nutritious yet delicious spots in Orlando

What is on the Campus Center menu today? Unfortunately, it tends to be the same old thing. Despite having access to a range of off-campus restaurants where students can use their R-Cards, the options become boring and it is time to switch things up. That is why I am sharing two of my current favorite spots in Orlando where you can get food that not only makes you happy, but will make your body happy, too.

Sanctum Cafe

If the words fresh and plant-based appeal to you, you will want to check out The Sanctum Cafe, where they serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner options all made from scratch.

Their ingredients are locally sourced (when available) and are received from programs such as Fleet Farming, an organization that Rollins happily supports.  Their commitment to using quality ingredients makes The Sanctum Cafe stand apart from other restaurants. They make their food wholesome by not using hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, food dyes, refined flours, or refined sugars. Though these ingredients are okay in moderation, they should not be in the majority of the things going into a person’s body. Luckily, The Sanctum Cafe is here to make sure that is not the case.

The dish that I would recommend ordering is the Sushi Bowl ($13.50). The highlights of the bowl are the tamari-roasted sweet potatoes and organic house tempeh. The umami flavor is lika no other, and it will leave you wanting to go back for more!

You can modify any of their dishes to suit your preferences and the staff is extremely understanding, making the dining experience even more enjoyable.

On windy or cold days, make sure to also get their Matcha Maca Latte ($4.50 / $5.25), because the earthy notes complement the umami-rich Sushi Bowl perfectly.

Clean Juice

Are you in need of something refreshing? Clean Juice has your back with their vast array of acai bowls, cold-pressed bottles, juices, smoothies, and protein smoothies.

Conveniently, Clean Juice is located in the Winter Park Village, so students can take the Rollins Friday night shuttle there.

What I love about Clean Juice is that, instead of using refined sugars, they use honey or maple syrup to sweeten their drinks. Just like The Sanctum Cafe, Clean Juice’s menu items are customizable, so you can remove ingredients you do not like or, better yet, add ingredients (such as leafy greens) to boost the nutrient content without sacrificing any flavor.

Their best-selling product is The Berry Bowl. However, after sampling all of their menu items, I would say that you cannot go wrong with any of their options.

My personal favorite for this time of the year is The Mangos N Cream One protein smoothie. As it is finally warming up in Florida, I am craving tropical fruit, and this certainly hits the spot!

If you are going to Clean Juice with a friend who wants something to munch on rather than sip, they also serve oatmeal and toast combinations. I would seriously recommend The Avocado Toast or The Almond Toast.

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