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Top four actors to watch for in 2016

Nicks-Picks-Design As the 2015 movie season is coming to a close, we have to look at the exceptional actors that will have bright futures in the industry. Move aside George Clooney and Will Smith, there are some new contenders coming up.

Cristoph Waltz
Let us start with the cunning Christoph Waltz. His breakthrough roles came in the form of Inglorious Bastards (2009), Django Unchained (2012), and the more recent Spectre (2015). This man is a devil in disguise. His characters are always charismatic people with silver tongues. I love seeing him in anything because no matter what, he will deliver a stellar performance. His warm smile is always deceiving, even when he is playing the good guy. His presence as a villain is unsettling—as if he is always one step ahead of you. No matter where you put him, Waltz will deliver absolute joy and deception to any role.
Eddie Redmayne
To contrast this, we have the young Eddie Redmayne, who had breakthrough roles in both Les Misérables (2012) and The Theory of Everything (2014). He also has the much-anticipated Danish Girl coming out later this month. As mentioned before, Redmayne is the total opposite to Waltz, as his portrayals of characters tend to be warm and loving. The characters are still flawed, but they have a sense of genuine innocence to them. In this increasingly cynical world, Redmayne truly understands what makes a fun, loving character and convinces viewers that there are people out there who truly act and believe in these ways.
Chiwetal Eijofor
Then we have Chiwetel Eijofor. This man is the essence of the everyman. While Waltz and Redmayne can play up the everyman, Eijofor lives for this ideal. With his breakthrough role in 12 Years a Slave (2013), his recent role in The Martian (2015), and his upcoming role in The Secret in Their Eyes coming out this week, Eijofor is coming up strong. Eijofor so far has understood this idea of an everyman role. He can truly make anyone relate to him and his struggle, whatever it may be. It does not matter if he is playing a framed slave or the Vice Director of NASA, Eijofor delivers on the promise that the man you are watching is someone you could sit down and have a drink with.
Tom Hardy
Finally we have one of my favorites: Tom Hardy. He had a series of films and television shows leading up to his big break in Inception (2010). Hardy, since then, has been in fantastic films such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011), Warrior (2011), Lawless (2012), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012), with Legend (2015) and The Revenant (2016) coming out soon. He is both the everyman and the exceptional man. He has a gruff and machismo presence to him, but he understands when to showcase bravado and when to showcase subtlety. He always plays wild and ravaged characters who tend to be the smooth talkers or the explosive and violent characters. Hardy is perfect for any action film, even action dramas, that need more of an edge to them.

These actors are just some to lookout for in the near future. There are still plenty of others out there, even some who have been household names for a while but are redefining themselves, such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Matthew McConaughey, and Matt Damon.
It will be interesting to see what the film industry has in store for all these actors in the coming years.

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