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Games & Ghouls, without the Gore

The ominous weather predictions weren’t able to stop this year’s Halloween Howl. Although the grey overcast fended off some, there couldn’t have been a better turnout last Saturday on Mills Lawn. From the families in our community and even some as far as Tampa, it seemed as if nobody wanted to miss out on this special Rollins’ tradition.

For those of you who were not able to attend, basically Halloween Howl is an annual festival thrown for our local community. Clubs and organizations jump on this opportunity to engage with the parents and children that come for this day-time celebration. Children can dress up in their costumes, play games and receive anything from candy to biodegradable potting plants (courtesy of Eco-Rollins). It was a great chance to steer Winter Park away from that stereotypical image of the average college partier.

The non-stop flow of people in and out of the festival gave me the perfect opportunity to ask some of the families about their thoughts of the event. I had better luck interviewing the adults because most of the children didn’t want to be deprived a second from their early trick-or-treating operations. The only way I could possible interview some of the ninjas, vampires, princesses, Marios and Luigis was by offering some sort of sugary snack. A ghost by the name of Steven White was able to tell me, “I love Halloween Howl because of the candy!” for the price of one peanut butter cup. I was also able to meet up with Gabriella Johnson, an eight-year-old from Orlando, who said “I can’t wait to go to college!” Gabriella’s mother, Andrea, was also able to provide her input about the field day “I think that this is a great opportunity to take advantage of. We have been coming here for three years now and it has gotten better every time. Being a mother of two I am always worried about my children on Halloween night, so I greatly appreciate the safety and ease of mind that come with Halloween Howl. The beautiful campus and generous students are really what makes this event so special. I give everyone that volunteered for this event a huge thanks.” The enlightening words from some of our fellow community members are what made this festival so worthwhile.

From the families in our community and even some as far as Tampa, it seemed as if nobody wanted to miss out on this special Rollins tradition.

Overall, the day was an enormous success and everyone involved deserved a pat on the back for making it all possible. The spooky haunted houses and clever costumes made this year’s Halloween Howl one to remember. Even though we provided the children with their sugar highs, I think that Rollins’ students got the biggest treat by being able to benefit the community. It can only make you think, what’s in store for next year?

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