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A Night at the (Rocky Horror) Picture Show

On Saturday, Oct. 23, the Rollins Players hosted an interactive viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. There are some movies that are fun to watch alone. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not one of these movies. To be honest, the plot is relatively pointless and the songs probably did not win any Grammys. However, the interactive Rocky Horror experience is not just a movie; the audience members wear costumes, dance, throw things at the screen, and yell vulgar lines that are often more entertaining than the script itself.

I was a Rocky Horror “virgin” until Saturday, which necessitated a “V” drawn on my cheek along with other novices. This means that I had no idea what to expect. I certainly did not expect friends of both genders to be wearing corsets, fishnets and occasionally just bras and a skirt in the Bush Auditorium. This in itself was enough for the event to be worth it. Combined with the genitaliashaped cake and mini hot dogs as hors d’oeuvres, you have a Saturday night that proved to be a completely different movie experience.

Every member of the audience was given a bag of props including rice, a slice of bread, gloves, rolls of toilet paper, and other various objects that to the unfamiliar audience member (me) made no sense at all. We were also given scripts which included the “interactive” lines. I was appreciative of this because it meant I would not end up looking like an idiot when the famous lines popped up in the movie.

For example, two major characters in the film are Brad and Janet. Whenever someone said “Brad,” everyone in the audience yelled “Asshole!” Whenever someone said “Janet,” everyone yelled “Slut!” These were some of the tamer audience lines, but I suggest you check out an audience script yourself.

Rollins Players is a student organization for those interested in theater, and as a psychology major, I can vouch that it is not just an organization for theatre majors. Players events include everything from going to see local shows to community service projects like Halloween Howl and an upcoming partnership with Fern Creek. The awesome thing about Players is that they will put in the energy to take every event over the top.

I would encourage everyone to lose their Rocky Horror “V-Cards” at some point in their life. For me, it was a great experience and one I will absolutely never forget. If Players sponsors this next year I would love to attend again, especially now that I am familiar with the lines. Come October 2011, I will be singing along with everyone else, “Let’s do the Time Warp again!”

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