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Angelina Breaks From Acting for Directing

She is an Academy Awardwinning actress, humanitarian, Goodwill Ambassador, Brad Pitt’s girlfriend and baby mama and, now, Angelina Jolie has added screenwriter and director to her list of job titles. She has already made a major impact in the movie world, starring in such movies as “Girl, Interrupted,” “Changeling,” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” just to name a few. She is a household name but is it time for this world renowned ‘bad girl’ to try her hand in something else?

According to the popular movie site,, the movie is a love story set in the middle of the Bosnian War. According to, Jolie, who wrote the original screenplay herself, is not set to star in the film. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if she changed her mind about this. As a major movie fan myself, I believe that this is a positive decision on Jolie’s behalf. The best kind of directors are the ones that started out as actors. For example Ron Howard started out as Opie on “The Andy Griffith Show” before going on to direct “A Beautiful Mind.” Clint Eastwood, star of “Dirty Harry” went on to direct the award winning film “Million Dollar Baby.” Even Ben Affleck directed his brother Casey in the film “Gone Baby Gone.” When you think about it, who knows movies better than the people who star in them.

However, when I asked an anonymous student if they would see the movie, they replied “no,” explaining that they prefer that Jolie stick to acting. I guess it goes with the old saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The highly anticipated movie is set to open sometime in 2011. For those of you who want a Jolie acting film, however, Jolie is set to star in “The Tourist” opposite Johnny Depp.

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