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Baravalle Takes Table Tennis Title

An echo of ping-pong balls ricocheting on and off green tables sounded through the McKean Gymnasium Jan. 27. Starting at 7 p.m., the Spring 2011 Ping-Pong Tournament was in full swing. This tournament has been held once a semester for the last three years and is a particular favorite of Rollins’ very own President Duncan. He has competed in several past tournaments, and this one was no exception.

Tom Mullette was the onsite facilitator for the tournament, monitoring the games and keeping track of scores. “We try to do things that the students are into,” Mullette explained. “Plus, all of our stuff is free.”

Pairs played best-of-three matches, each to the winning score of 11. The tournament ended in a match between President Duncan and Arturo Baravalle ’11. After five games, Baravalle beat President Duncan 11-6 and earned the $50 prize for defeating the champion.

Mullette said that if there was enough interest, the Tournament might even be held again this semester.

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