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GPFF: ‘Autism in Love’

L. O. V. E . When one combines these letters we create the term love. This emotion is expressed and embedded into our brains since the day we take our first breath. When falling in love, social interaction and communication are crucial in order to keep the romantic connection alive and growing, but what if you were diagnosed with a disorder that jeopardizes your ability to socialize?

In Matt Fuller’s film Autism in Love,  he proves that everyone has the fair chance to love another human being even if socialization is removed from the equation. Fuller, the director and producer of this inspiring documentary, explores the challenges of four autistic adults as they find and manage a romantic relationship. There are theories that people with autism are incapable of managing passionate, romantic relationships, but Fuller’s film proves these theories wrong.

Lenny, one of the main characters in Fuller’s film, is a high-functioning, college-age autistic individual that has a very difficult time accepting the fate he was born with. Throughout the film, college viewers tend to feel a deeper connection with Lenny because at this time in our lives we all go through the same roller coaster of emotions when looking for that special someone. After watching what Lenny goes through, I was personally motivated to change my view of love because many people take the power of love for granted.

If people took the time to watch this film then they would truly understand why it is so much easier for people without autism to find love. Fuller reveals the truths and innocence of the marginalized community of autism through the most important aspect of the human condition: love.

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