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SGA vice president steps down from position

Resignation occurs after Executive Board files first step of impeachment 

On Feb. 10, Vice President of Student Government Association (SGA) Kimberli Pepper (‘21) resigned from her position. In her place, Daniel Elliott (‘23) will take over as vice president for the remainder of the spring semester.

While SGA executive board members have resigned before, this is the first time in Rollins history that a vice president or president has resigned, according to the current SGA Executive Board.

“I resigned to focus on my academics,” said Pepper in her official statement. 

The executive board concluded that Pepper was dedicated to her studies and spent much of her time focusing on her school work leading to her resignation. 

“Though Kim was chosen to serve in this position as vice president, we understand and respect her prioritizing academic pursuits over continued service through SGA,” said the SGA Executive Board in a joint statement.

Prior to Pepper’s resignation, a formal Notice of Certiorari was filed, which stated SGA’s concerns for Pepper’s lack of fulfillment of some vice presidential duties. The Notice of Certiorari is the first stage in the formal SGA impeachment process.

The notice was signed by SGA Executive Board members Manny Rodriguez (‘21), SGA president; Niko Ellison (‘21), chief justice; Hannah Munford (‘21), PR chair; Kyle Bennett (‘22), academic affairs chair; Sara Gonzalez (‘22), internal and external relations chair; Wisly Zephir (‘21), student life chair; Nourhan Mesbah (‘21), diversity and inclusion chair; and Caroline Powell (‘21), events chair.

In addition to these members, the executive board is made up of other members* who did not partake in the signing of the Notice of Certiorari due to conflict of interest or how recently they had joined SGA.

Statements by SGA were reviewed by the Center for Inclusion and Campus Involvement (CICI) advisors Abby Hollern, director of Center for Inclusion and Campus Involvement; Alexandra Woods, assistant director; and Robert Whetstone, student outreach coordinator.

“The Notice of Certiorari was the method used to share our views as an Exec board of why we felt a change was needed,” said the SGA Executive Board.

SGA’s next plans:

As of now, Elliot, the former sophomore class senator and president pro tempore, will be stepping in for the role of vice president. In order to ensure no conflict of interest occurred, Elliot did not take part in the writing of the Notice of Certiorari.

SGA constitutional procedures state that the president pro tempore takes on the role of vice president if the position becomes vacant. 

In addition to the change of vice president, the Executive Board is looking into how to change SGA’s internal functioning for the better. 

“The resignation is a reminder for us to work together to best promote the student body. We’ve been working even harder to revamp the SGA experience through icebreaker activities and inviting guest speakers,” said the Executive Board.

Despite the unprecedented resignation, all parties parted amicably.

“SGA will continue to move forward with the student body’s best interest in mind. In addition, it wishes Kim the best in all her endeavors,” said the Executive Board.

* SGA Executive Board consists of:
Manny Rodriguez (‘21), SGA President
Daniel Elliott (‘23), Vice President (formerly President Pro Tempore)
Niko Ellison (‘21), Chief Justice
Hannah Munford (‘21), PR Chair
Kyle Bennett (‘22), Academic Affairs Chair
Sara Gonzalez (‘22), Internal & External Relations Chair
Wisly Zephir (‘21), Student Life Chair
Nourhan Mesbah (‘21), Diversity & Inclusion Chair
Caroline Powell (‘21), Events Chair
Bernadette Coyle (‘21), Attorney General
Omar Sadek (‘23), President Pro Tempore (formerly Senate Parliamentarian)
Kiersten Sudlow (‘23), Finance Chair. 

 SGA CICI Advisors:
Abby Hollern
Alexandra Woods
Robert Whetstone


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