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Tars dominate the courts

On Wednesday, February 8, the Women and Men’s Basketball teams took on the Nova Southeastern University Sharks. The women’s team had a sparse crowd, but they had the most exciting game. The game started off with #3 Jasmine Stone ‘18, #1 Tanaya Jones, #30 Carly McLendon ‘18, #10 Julia Ingler ‘18, and #21 Marie Gilbert taking the court, and after the tip-off, things seemed to look down for the Tars. While the NSU Sharks were up within the first 6 minutes, Marie Gilbert #21 managed to score all the points for the Tars. The Sharks came out strong and organized, capitalizing off of the few turnovers of the Tars.

It was not until the third quarter that Rollins came back strong. Jasmine Stone #3 is one particular player that came out stronger after the half; Stone came out shooting and drawing fouls from NSU. #34 Tianna Rosser ‘19  was another crucial player for the game. Rosser made plays when the Tars needed it most, she made her shots, drew out fouls, and made her free throws, which were crucial for the tight game. The game went back and forth between Rollins and Nova. During the final minutes for the game, #12 Megon Piggott on the Sharks received a technical foul that could have changed the outcome of the game. After #10 Ingler drained her shots, the Tars turned over the ball to NSU and the game was now 59-58, with 40 seconds to go, favoring the Sharks. Once Rollins had possession of the ball, #1 Jones rebounded her missed shot, went up for a second shot and made it, and she was fouled. Jones made her plus-one, putting Rollins ahead by 2. NSU turned over the ball after, and then the game was over. The Tars won 63-59, continuing their win streak to 8 games in a row.

The men’s game had a completely different vibe. The starters for the Tars were #2 Connor Mckim ‘20 , #5 Nils Lehmann ‘18, #44 Jeff Merton ‘18, #14 Mike Bedulskis ‘17, and #32 Joey Galvis ‘17.  The NSU Sharks struggled to keep up with the Tars from the beginning, with a few bad passes and a ton of missed shots. The Tars capitalized off of their mistakes and were very organized and in sync throughout the entire game. Even though NSU came out strong in the second half of the game, the Tars still ended up beating them by 20 points.

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