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‘On the Verge’ set to open next week

On April 11, the Second Stage Series welcomes their final show of the season: On the Verge. Directed by Nicole Colangelo ‘18, On the Verge is a witty, comedy-filled excursion for the ages.

On the Verge was written by Eric Overmyer and debuted in 1985 at Baltimore’s Center Stage. Now, Rollins welcomes On the Verge to campus thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Second Stage Series, produced by Rollins Players and completely directed, designed, marketed, and performed by Rollins students.

The play follows the adventures of three female Victorian explorers as they bushwhack their way through the fictional land of Terra Incognita. However, these three explorers soon realize that all is not as it seems when they encounter objects and phrases foreign to their era.

The three women are radically unique and independent, each coming from very different exploration backgrounds. Mary Baltimore, played by Faith Artis ‘21, is the leader of the group. The oldest, Baltimore primarily explores Africa, where she takes a particular interest in anthropological studies and the mating rituals of the people she encounters. Unmarried, Baltimore believes that exploration is her sole calling.

Fanny Cranberry, played by Allie Furlong ‘20, is the most conservative of the group. She and Baltimore frequently butt heads, especially in regards to Baltimore’s beloved fictional newspaper, “The Boston Geo.” Cranberry is the only married woman of the group, a relationship that she struggles to maintain throughout her travels.

Alexandra Cafuffle, played by Hannah Gonzalez ‘20, is the youngest of the group. Easily excited and fascinated by any new discovery, Cafuffle is a forgetful daydreamer and aspires to become a famous lyricist. She prefers exploring colder climates and is averse to the jungle of Terra Incognita. Cafuffle also frequently mentions her time in Tibet.


This dynamic trio treks through the jungle, not only traveling deeper into Terra Incognita but also forward in time. From wayward buttons to magically appearing cream cheese, the journey that these women embark on is far from conventional.

Throughout the play, the three women also encounter several different characters and creatures, ranging from a rapping Bridge Troll to a mysterious fortune teller, all of whom are played by Malakai Green ‘18.

Each of these three women react to the future that is suddenly thrust upon them in different ways—the conservative Cranberry being the most resistant of them all. Their blunders as they try to understand the new world before them provide multiple instances of hilarity and confusion, as well as more than a few jabs at historical events.


On the Verge is truly an experience; romance, heartbreak, yearning, knowledge, exploration, and adjustment to change are all wrapped up in a whirlwind of lovable and memorable characters and moments. This play will leave you on the verge of your seat.

On the Verge will be running from April 11 through 13 at 8 p.m. and April 14 at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. It will be showing on the second floor of Pioneer Hall, located behind the Suntrust Parking Garage.

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