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02-01_World-Map-issue-19Istanbul, Turkey

Three British teenagers were placed into custody in Turkey’s capital and subsequently returned to the United Kingdom after attempting to make their way to Syria to perpetuate terrorist acts. Scotland Yard, the British investigative agency, contacted the Turkish government after receiving intelligence about the intentions of the boys.The boys had travelled to Turkey via Barcelona when they were stopped at the airport and taken into custody. The cooperation between the Turkish and British governments came not long after Turkey accused the United Kingdom of withholding information when three British female teenagers travelled from London to Syria via Turkey to possibly join ISIS.

Port Vila, Vanuatu

The small archipelago nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific took a direct hit from Cyclone Pam. Communication lines have been wiped out and the country has been left in what is described as an “apocalyptic state.” The majority of the estimated 260,000 residents have been displaced due to destruction of homes and roads  and eight have been reported dead thus far. Bauerfield International Airport in Port Vila has been partially reopened in order to receive aid shipments and the Australian Air Force has already begun to fly C-130s packed with supplies in.

São Paolo, Brazil

Brazil has seen hundreds of thousands partake in protests over the weekend over anger at the current state of the Brazilian government. The first wave  drew out about 12,000 protestors who backed the government, such as labor unions and social activists that support current president Dilma Rousseff. The next wave, which arrived the two days following, took place across 74 cities with 580,000 people in São Paolo alone. Brazilians are protesting a faltering economy and an enormous corruption scandal involving a national oil corporation.

Ferguson, Missouri

Two police officers were shot outside of the city’s police headquarters in Ferguson, Missouri, just hours after Police Chief Thomas Jackson resigned when a report revealed widespread racial bias in the  department. One officer was shot in the face and the other in the shoulder; they remain in stable but critical condition. The police department made two arrests in connection to the shooting nearly 48 hours after the initial incident. The city has seen an immense amount of protests since the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown at the hands of a Ferguson cop.

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