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Pine Bush, NY– In the schools within the Pine Bush Central School District in upstate New York, many Jewish students have been dealing with what many parents in the area call “pervasive prejudice.” Swastikas can be seen scribbled all throughout middle schools and in the district. Many of the students bully their fellow Jewish classmates by calling them hateful names and telling anti-Semitic jokes, especially about the Holocaust. The parents of these children are taking legal action into their own hands after years of students making complaints about this issue, and their teachers and administrators were doing little to nothing about it. The parents who live in Pine Bush are suing the district and administrators in federal court and are “seeking damages and an end to…indifference by school officials.”

Manila, Philippines– On Friday, super typhoon Haiyan ripped through the center of the Philippines and moved quickly across the islands. There are reports of at least 100 deaths thus far. The storm had winds up to 195 miles an hour. Before the storm hit, many people were evacuated from high-risk areas. Power lines are down and roads are blocked, so there is a chance that when emergency responders are able to enter these areas, the death toll may rise.

Kampala, Uganda– The Ugandan military began the process of disarming and relocating rebels from the Democratic Republic of Congo. M23 is the main rebel group that is being expelled. 1,635 of the M23 rebels have surrendered to the Ugandan military, according to the Ugandan military spokesman, Capt. Kakurungu. These surrenders are a sign that the Congolese militants are holding their position to end the violent rebellion.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil– It was acknowledged by Brazil that diplomats from the United States, Iran, and Russia have all been spied on by the country’s top intelligence agency.
After Brazil had repeatedly criticized the US for its spying operations, this new confession puts Brazilian officials in a difficult position. However, in contrast to most of the NSA’s spying that was done in Brazil, this scandal is much simpler. Most of the spying of these diplomats was done on foot or by car and was mainly just surveillance work.

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