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Split Decision

Women’s soccer can’t outlast sluggish start; Men’s soccer cruises past Panthers.

It was another heart-wrenchingly close game played by the Lady Tars last Wednesday evening – again trailing another team’s score by just one point. The final score ended at Tars, 2, Florida Tech, 3.

Rollins got off to a rocky start during the first half, allowing Florida Tech to gain a two-goal advantage over them early on in the game. In the second half, Tech scored their third goal. This lit a fire under the cleats of our Tars who then worked twice as hard to attempt to make up the difference. Captain Brenna Mckee, as per usual, was the first to be successful at scoring on their opponents, finishing off a shot taken by Kelsey Boone ‘14. Soon then after, a second goal was scored by Megan Block ‘17.

It was unfortunately not soon enough, as a mere 56 seconds remained on the clock after that second small victory. If the ladies had had a bit more time, they would surely have tied up the game. A comment from Women’s Soccer coach, Alicia Schuck, in an interview filmed post-game shared her concern that they have been giving up goals too easily – something they will surely be working on in practice.

In similar news, our Men’s Soccer Team played a game of their own last Wednesday evening directly following the Women’s. They too played Florida Tech, though yielding dissimilar results: a 4-0 victory. Their first goal was scored by sophomore, Tucker Hume. The second one came when Rafa Faria ‘14, was fouled inside of the 18-yard-box. His penalty kick gave them their second point.

In the second half, the men doubled that score. A third goal was scored by Brett Durrance ‘16, then a fourth by Philipp Schad ‘14. Most interestingly about this four to nothing victory is the fact that it set a new record for one particular player on the field: goalkeeper and senior, Keneil Baker. He now holds the Rollins College record for most shutouts as a keeper.

While our girls were not as lucky, at least our boys were there for redemptive revenge on Florida Tech immediately following.

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