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Alfond Scholarships multiply

The Alfond Inn is doing far better than expected; this is promising news for prospective Rollins students as it means the college is offering more Alfond Scholarships than ever.

Typically, the college invites about 40 students to Scholar’s Weekend. This year, there were 55 in attendance, all of whom have been offered Dean scholarships, one tier lower than Alfond scholarships.

Dr. Jayashree Shivamoggi, director of the Office of External & Competitive Scholarships, explained that this is seen in the college’s allowance of more students to attend this year’s Scholars’ Weekend.

The weekend served as a reviewing process for prospective individuals who may win the scholarship that covers full tuition.

The Alfond Inn opened in 2013 and was designed to bring profit to the college in order to fund scholarships supporting incoming students via the Harold Alfond Foundation, according to the Rollins website.

Scholarships of some form are a necessity to many students at Rollins because of the college’s high tuition costs. In fact, about one in every four students in the Fall 2016 class is on some form of financial aid.

For this reason, the rare full Alfond scholarship is highly coveted and candidates are held to a high standard. Alfond scholars are decided by a committee of Office of Admission members, Dr. Shivamoggi herself, and one professor from each branch of learning, among others.

Although current Alfond students are not on the committee board, they provide input on what they have seen of candidates. Dr. Shivamoggi pointed out that students are often much harder on fellow students.

Often, candidates feel less inclined to perform and be on their best behavior for other students.

However, this behavior leads to problems. Some candidates have even asked current Alfond scholars about acquiring drugs on campus, much to their misfortune.

Dr. Shivamoggi said that the program is looking for students who are respectful and collaborative. Prospective students should be proper to others in social settings, as they represent the college to a degree.

The Inn’s economic success is likely to continue and result in good fortune for students.

“Net operating income from the Inn will be directed to the scholarship fund for the first 25 years or until the endowment principal reaches $50 million, whichever comes later,” stated the Rollins website. Though it has had only five years of operation, incoming revenue is not a problem.

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