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Equestrian Club returns to Rollins


The Rollins Equestrian Club reformed in Spring 2016, providing students with a chance to compete in Intercollegiate Horse Show Association shows.

“Throughout the semester, we go to shows,” said co-captain Ly Malespina ’18. “These are all over the state, as well as in southern Georgia.”

Rollins Equestrian Club has ridden in two Intercollegiate Horse Show Association shows this year, one in the University of North Jacksonville and one in the University of Florida in Gainesville.

“The shows are really quite cool,” said Malespina. “Instead of bringing your own horse, you pull the name of a horse from a hat, and you don’t get to ride them before you enter the show ring, so it’s challenging in a very different way from traditional horse shows.”

The club is inclusive of all riders, regardless of gender or experience.

“The team is open to all genders, and IHSA welcomes all riders, from those who have never been on a horse before to those who have been competing for years,” Malespina said.

More information can be found as Rollins College Equestrian on Facebook and @rollinsequestrian on Instagram.

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