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Rock Climbing Club

There are over 80 student organizations at Rollins, each providing the students an opportunity to find their purpose and their place. The Rollins Rock Climbing Club is one of them. For the rock-climbing enthusiasts or just for those who wish to learn more about the sport, the Rock Climbing Club is the perfect way to provide students with the resources to climb.

Jeni Collins ‘11 and Maggie Jaicomo ‘11 founded the club in 2009 to give students a mode of transportation between Rollins and the Aiguille Rock Climbing Center, the only climbing facility in Orlando. No skills or experience are required, just a sense of adventure and a willingness to try new things. The only requirement is a $75-$100 fee to pay for the Aiguille membership. Some of the other perks of buying a membership are access to the gym and to free fitness classes. The person also receives a guest pass so that he or she can bring a friend to climb for free every 30 days.

“It’s a really fun, easy way to exercise and make friends,” said Collins at the information meeting on Jan. 20. “It’s a great way to boost confidence and have fun while also getting a great workout.” Even people who are afraid of heights are encouraged to join. Nicole Smallwood ‘13, a member of the club, was afraid of heights when she first joined the club. “I’d get up about five feet then I’d have to come back down,” she laughed. It took her about a month, but she has now conquered her fear and loves climbing. She urges other students to join because, “it’s really fun and social.”

This semester, the club meets every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. to drive over to Aiguille. There are also climbing opportunities available on a few select Saturdays this semester. Anyone who buys the membership is free to climb whenever they want so long as they have a way to get to and from the facility.

Collins said that one goal of the club is to potentially form a team that would compete in the Collegiate Climbing Series that is hosted annually by USA Climbing. Last year, three members of the club competed in the Florida regionals and Collins went on to Nationals.

Rollins is now ranked 7th in the nation. Before one can go to the facility with the club, they must pay the membership fee so if you want to climb, act now! Anyone who is interested in more information should contact Jeni Collins at

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