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Rollins Embraces Lambda Chi

This semester, a new fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, is coming to campus. Three men working for Lambda Chi moved into Sutton on Jan. 31, and are here to facilitate an expansion process at Rollins for three weeks. Before they arrived, various sororities, suggesting unaffiliated men that would work with this new fraternity, filled out referrals. Starting last Monday, Lambda Chi started contacting the men, asking for one on one meetings with them. After the one on one meeting, men may be asked back for a second meeting. After this second meeting, Lambda Chi started handing out bids, all which have been accepted thus far.

Chase Simpson, one member of the colonizing team, sat down with The Sandspur and gave us the rundown on the process, and how the Rollins community can help. The process is three weeks long, with the first two weeks aimed at recruiting new members and setting a foundation for the new brothers. In the second half of the second week, officers will be chosen, and in the third week, training starts for the new members. After this third week, the expansion team will be leaving, and the new members will be left to establish themselves on campus, as well as to complete a seven-week education period. After these seven weeks, Lambda Chi will return to campus to initiate the brothers, and check on the new colony.

When asked about some of his concerns with the new colony, Simpson seemed confident that there were no concerns thus far. “We came to campus after men’s recruitment was complete. Some would say we are getting the ‘left overs,’ but we’re picking quality men based on [our] meetings,” he said. Though Rollins is a small school, Simpson thinks that adding another fraternity can only enhance fraternity and sorority life on campus.

After the three weeks are up, Lambda Chi hopes to have 40 new members. If this does not happen before they leave, the new men are allowed to extend more bids. The education process is slightly flexible, and so bids can be extended until three weeks into education.

To be established as a chapter, there are 15 standards the colony needs to achieve. Typically, these standards will take a year to complete, and representatives from Lambda Chi will be coming to campus to check their progress periodically.

Sorority women have helped with the colonization process by offering referrals of quality and loyal men. They have also been supportive of the new fraternity, and Lambda Chi asks as they keep up the enthusiasm. When asked how the Rollins community can help, Simpson offered three ways: promote fraternity and sorority unity, offer the new members assistance from other organizations on campus, and continue supporting the new colony.

Lambda Chi Alpha will be participating in Greek Week at the end of this month, where they will be teaming up with Non Compis Mentis and Kappa Kappa Gamma.

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