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SGA announces presidential candidates

electionsOn March 25 the Student Government Association (SGA) released names of the three sets of candidates that will run for President and Vice President.
The candidates have Facebook pages promoting their campaign and sharing their vision. Voting will be held online in April.
This school year Elise Ablin ’15 and Romulo Rainha ’15 served as President and Vice President respectively. Some of the most important issues being discussed in the race are school spirit, the representation student voices, food services, and campus safety.
One of the many duties of the Rollins SGA President is to represent the student body to the board of trustees, the administration, alumni, and other people. The Vice President typically runs Senate meetings and writes the agenda.

Matthew Cassidy ‘18
& Reagan Campbell ‘18

“We may be freshmen, but between the two of us we have years of previous SGA experience and an ample amount of resources and connections throughout the Rollins community. Our driven, outgoing personalities mesh perfectly together. To say the least, we are ready for the big leagues,” said Reagan Campbell.
Some of their priorities include making SGA accessible, listening to students, and creating more events presented by SGA.
“I would like to see more events hosted or sponsored by SGA. I would like to bring artists, comedians, and speakers from around the nation and the area to come and help the students enjoy their time here, raising our retention rate here at Rollins. Additionally, I would like to work with Career Services to see more career expos for Rollins students so that when it comes time for graduation, students can find the jobs they deserve,” said Matthew Cassidy.
Cassidy also wants to rid SGA of a sense of apathy and bring different departments and groups on campus closer together.

Cortlandt (CJ) Dunn ‘16
& Gabrielle (Gabby) Masse ‘16

“We are the only ticket with someone who have served on the SGA executive board. We have participated in all kinds of organizations throughout the Rollins community and have held leadership positions in a total of nine organizations,” they said.
Their three priorities would be to increase school-wide spirit, improve campus safety and communication, and improve transparency with SGA.
“The two main things we want to work on changing are the relative lack of school spirit at Rollins and what we see as a rut on the subject of safety,” said Dunn and Massé. They also would want to see Rollins become a more unified college.
They said, “The first thing we would do if elected President and Vice President would be to bring the Rollins community together with a large-scale event. We feel the school is really divided and needs to be brought back together as a unit. We can achieve this through an event which we want to launch in the fall, homecoming.”

Adriana Talbot ‘17
Caleb Archuleta ‘18

“I am running with Caleb as my Vice President because he is motivated, hard working, and has a pulse on the freshman class, which is the future of Rollins. . . Our combined skills make us the perfect team for SGA President and Vice President,” said Talbot.
Some of their priorities in office would be maintaining transparency between SGA and students, unity between different groups and schools on campus, and changes to common issues with the on-campus dining system.
“I want to implement better mechanisms to get a feel for what the student body wants, and I want to represent the student body’s interest to my best ability. A way to do this would be through online surveys and increased incentives for students to attend student government meetings and voice their opinions,” said Talbot.

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