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Student Government welcomes new officers

Rollins’ Student Government Association (SGA) election results are in. Votes have been cast and counted for new Executive Board members, Holt senators, senate representatives for each student year, and senators who will represent campus offices and organizations.

     The SGA Executive Board, which consists of chairs who represent different departments of the school, such as Financing, Events and Student Life, will now be occupied by Bria Pallas (‘19), Brock Simmons-Barfield (‘20), Carla Daza (‘19), Greg Taicher (‘19), Isabella Braga (‘19), Jaime Becker (‘20), Jawaad Khanani (‘20), Matthew Weiner (‘20HH), Maxim Zarudnyy (‘20), and Nam Nguyen (‘20). 

     The Holt Senators are Gabriela Zacarias (‘20HH), Manny Rodriguez (‘21HH), Madi Kress (‘20HH), and Max Castrillon (‘19HH). “I hope to bring representation and a voice to the needs of our Holt students,” said Kress.

     Elected Senior senators are Jocelyn Fritzsche (‘19), Camilla Delfino (‘19), Nikki Phelan (‘19), and Lauren Pearce (‘19). 

“I intend on listening to the voices of my peers and relaying this information to the rest of SGA,” said Fritzsche. “I hope to make a difference and promote inclusion and leadership.” Fritzsche has been a part of student government since she was in high school and was a junior senator last year.

     Those who will be representing the junior class as senators are Cory McNichol (‘21), Sydney Brown (‘20), Ahmed Rashid (‘20), and Aaron Villanueva (‘20).

     The Sophomore senators include Harrison Loew (‘21), Hali Reedy (‘21), Kailey Boltruczyk (‘21), and Cameron Peterson (‘21).

     Freshman senators are Durston Gagliano (‘22), Jack Gabriel (‘22), Kyla Snow (‘22), and Avi Chalasani (‘22).

     Chalasani said, “My main intention [as senator] is to voice out the opinions for the freshmen class. I’d like to make an easy communication channel for the students and the freshmen senators, so they can get through to us at any time and we can respond to them.” 

     Chalasani said, “I’ve been part of student government since freshman year in high school representing different positions. I decided to run because I have always had a strong passion for student government. I simply wanted to make a difference of any sort.”

The Senate representative for the Center for Leadership & Community Engagement is Bridget Gorman (‘21).

     Representing Student Wellness is Sam Alvarez (‘20).

For Accessibility Services, Lauren Bishop (‘19).

     For Fraternity & Sorority Life, Pilar Macias (‘22).

     For Residential Life & Explorations, Savannah Watermeier (‘20). 

     Kalli Joslin (‘19) will represent LGBTQ+ Advocacy. “As LGBTQ+ Advocacy senator this year, I’d really like to see improvements made to the number of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus and education that RA’s, peer mentors, house managers, and incoming students receive in relation to gender and sexuality,” said Joslin. 

     “This is my first time on student government, but I was really excited to see the work that Ryan Marini and Lou Bester put into this position over the last few years, and I’m really glad to finally have the time to dedicate to it this year,” she said. 

     Joslin has spent the last two years as Spectrum’s co-president, hosting social and community-based events. “I wanted to turn my focus in my senior year more towards advocacy and change that will benefit the LGBTQ+ students and allies at Rollins,” she said. 

     In Student Media, Jessica Gonzalez (‘21) is the elected representative. 

     Caroline Klouse (‘21) was chosen to represent International Affairs.

     Joey Huttman (‘22) will represent Student Athletes. 

     Career & Life Planning has gained Caroline Powell (‘21) as a representative. “As the Career and Life Planning Organizational senator, I hope to continue to bring my passion and skills form high school into this new college environment,” Powell said. “I am looking forward to working with the CCLP office to help bring news and updates to the Rollins students on how to succeed academically and in their future careers!” she said

Powell was treasurer in her senior class in high school as well as a model legislator for two years. For her work, she was honored by her State House and given an award for high leadership qualities as a high school senior. 

     “I decided to run for office because I missed working with students and helping others as I did in my high school student government association,” she said. “I am truly looking forward to starting my passion up again, and can’t wait to bring about some positive change in the upcoming year!” 

     Senate meetings are held every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Bieberbach-Reed room in the Cornell Campus Center, and all students are welcome to attend and listen to upcoming plans or to voice their own ideas. 

     “A team is what makes a leader and I can proudly say that the team comprised of all our new senators consists of the most intrinsically motivated students who wish to bring positive changes onto this campus,” said Nagina Chaudhry (‘19), student body president. 

“I hope Greg [Taicher] and I are able to serve as proper role models through our actions by stressing collaboration over competition. In the end, this should be a positive learning experience for everyone, and I am very excited to roll out the fox plan with this team,” he said.

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