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Student Media offers involvement opportunities

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With the end of add/drop nearly a week ago, Fall 2014 classes are officially in full swing. You (hopefully) have your schedule in check and are settling into the rhythm of a new and exciting academic semester. Now that you’ve got some general education and major requirements squared away, it’s time to start focusing on honing a creative outlet and exploring your interests outside of academia. Yes, it’s important to keep that grade point average high, but showcasing to your future employers outside interests and overall well-roundedness is essential. Besides being a fantastic resume booster, campus involvement is known to improve a student’s overall college experience, helps them become connected to the school and build community, and allows for great development in that highly sought after talent that is time management.

If you’ve always found yourself drawn to various aspects of journalism or media in general, any one of Rollins’ fantastic student media organizations could be the perfect fit for you.  Whether you’re interested in creative or journalistic writing, creative design, editing, advertising, film/video, radio broadcasting, each organization is looking for new faces with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

Brushing: The Rollins literary journal has been in publication for 41 years, showcasing all types of creative works from the campus community. From photography to micro-plays, anything is fair game to be published. Brushing is always hiring. If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved, be sure to contact the Editor-in-Chief, Ali Perry, at

WPRK 91.5: Rollins College’s very own radio station serves the Rollins and metro Orlando community with an eclectic taste of music. WPRK prides themselves on playing music from a wide variety of genres that may not be heard on a regular basis, as well as hosting a variety of talk shows. Interested in becoming a DJ or just want to learn about music management? Be sure to contact for more information.

The Independent: The official student-run magazine at Rollins College, The Independent’s mission is to showcase the many voices within the campus community. The magazine is published once or twice per semester and focuses on International Affairs, Food & Fitness and The Arts. Interest meetings are held every Thursday evening at 8 p.m. in the Warren Administration Building, Basement F. For more information, go to or email Editor-in-Chief, Sabrina Kent at

The Sandspur: The Sandspur is the official student-run newspaper of Rollins. With the new mantra “Everything real, everything Rollins” The Sandspur engages the campus and showcases both local and global issues through the lens of the campus community. A combination of both fun and witty columns such as Sexperts and quick yet helpful articles such as “Where in the World,” The Sandspur has over 1,000 copies in circulation and is published every Thursday. Interest/article assignment meetings are held every Monday evening at 6 p.m. on the top floor of the Mills building. For more information, be sure to contact Editor-in-Chief David Matteson at

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