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Students compete to name new buildings

As on-campus construction projects are almost complete, students have the opportunity to name the convenience store in the Lakeside Residential Complex, as well as the Skillman Dining Hall in the Campus Center.

The winning submission will be awarded a $100 gift card. 

Sam Stark, vice president of Communications & External Relations, said that Rollins is asking students to get creative with the new names for the dining establishments.

“Skillman Hall has lots of history and has had several names that have changed over the years. This will help us formalize and finalize the names for the future,” Stark said. Some of the dining hall’s past names include Skillman, Beans, and The Beanery. 

Students who participate need to submit two names, one for the new convenience store another for the dining hall, as well as a short explanation of why they chose those names. 

“We encourage names to have a connection to Rollins, either today or throughout the history of the college,” said Stark.

Stark added that the Rollins administration will be the jury for the competition. It will look for elements of “cleverness, creativity, and connection to the brand and history of the college,” said Stark.

ErinMarie Henderson (’21) said that she thinks it is important for students to participate in these events and come together as a community to create something useful and creative for campus life. 

“We can work together to name these places that we go to every day and create a sense of community,” Henderson said. 

Luis Fernandez (‘24) said, “I think that the [convenience store’s] name should be about unity because we are all going to be there a lot.”

Inclusivity is a common theme that comes to mind among students who are brainstorming names. 

Richard Perez (‘21) said, “I think a name like ‘Rollins Bodega’ would be great. It represents the Latinx community.” Perez explained that all neighborhoods have their own local convenience stores called bodegas.

Other students want to oppose traditions surrounding the names of buildings. Hannah Stokes (‘21) said, “Usually they name everything based on who donated the money.” 

Perez said that this opportunity challenges those traditions: “This time around, I think they want to change things and include people for other opinions.”

Fawn Gao (‘21) said naming these new locations is a chance for students to make their mark and show their love for the community.

“I feel … very lucky, and honored to study at Rollins College,” said Gao. “Whenever there is a chance to give student input, I think it is a great thing … I feel excited and want to help.”

Submissions should be sent to Becky Hopkins,, by April 3. 

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