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Study Abroad Fair entices students

The Study Abroad Fair on Thursday, September 17 from 12 p.m.-2 p.m. is located in the McKean Gym of the Alfond Sports Center. This fair is an opportunity for students to meet with program alumni, International Programs staff, Financial Aid, and the Center for Career and Life Planning representatives. The field study programs vary in location each year with a different educational aim specialized for each program.

Becky Easter, the Rollins Study Abroad coordinator for International Programs, spoke about the approval process for such programs. “Faculty members who want to run a field study for the upcoming academic year have to go through a proposal application process through the International Programs Office and these proposals are reviewed by a committee. Our Approved Semester and Summer programs are consistently more the same each year, but students should check our website regularly for additional programs that might become available. We are always striving to have a thorough offering of approved semester and summer programs that will cater to every student’s interests and major.”

While travelling to new places is the initial allure of these programs, the most rewarding aspect of studying abroad is the educational opportunity offered to students. Easter elaborated:

“Taking classes in an overseas context can be challenging because of all the added distractions that come with being in a different country, but I think the rewards are great. In many classes abroad, students will have the opportunity to see and experience the things that they are learning about in the classroom,” she said. “Some examples of this might include seeing original paintings in person from an Art History class or standing on a historical site that you have heard about your whole life. Students will also have the opportunity to take classes with international students and gain knowledge from overseas faculty.”

How much does it cost? Easter recommends inquiring with the Financial Aid office to see what aid you are eligible for.

“The cost for all of our Approved Semester Programs is the same cost as tuition, room, and board as a Rollins semester, and all of the students’ current financial aid and scholarships would follow them for their semester abroad. For our field study trips and our approved summer programs, we offer need-based scholarships through our office. The scholarship application is part of the application process in RIPA for these programs and students would know how much of a scholarship they were being offered before they officially accepted their spot on a trip.”

Studying abroad also helps students become more aware of the world around them, giving them experiences they are not soon to forget.

Easter said, “It helps expand their horizons and gives them the opportunity to interact with those different than themselves and teaches them to form new ways of thinking. Studying abroad gives students the unique opportunity to be a part of a community abroad and not solely just pass through as a tourist. Traveling and seeing the world is fun and exciting, but more importantly it helps students become global citizens in a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected.”

Jamie Wadovick ’16 attended the Queen Mary University of London Study Abroad Program and encourages students to apply. “I think students should apply to the program if they are looking to diversify their education and if they want to explore an old historical city, with so much modern flair that it never gets old or boring. It is truly life-changing.”

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