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The Votes are In

Click here to Meet Your Representatives.

SGA flyers covered the campus a few weeks ago, and Rollins Facebook groups blew up with candidates selling themselves to potential constituents. So you looked at their Facebook, saw that they seemed nice, responsible, and willing to do the job, but what does that job exactly entail?

The Student Government Association of Rollins College is made up of about thirty representatives from different areas on campus to give a voice to Rollins’ students and an Executive Board of nine members with office hours weekly in the Box Office of the campus center. There are four senators from each class as well as a representative for many groups including international students, athletes, OCE, transfer students, Fraternity and Sorority Life, OMA, REP, and students with disabilities. These representatives meet every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in Bieberbach Reed, and meetings are open to anyone on campus to attend. There, they meet to discuss the content of their committee meeting to create legislation and to plan events for the campus.

Senators of SGA sit on faculty-run boards throughout campus: academic affairs, finance, professional standards, and student life. This is where students are able to speak their mind about potential new programs and majors, student life, financial aspects of the college, and other committees that make decisions that regulate and influence students across campus daily. Senators also have the opportunity to write their own legislation to support or change something they see on campus.

LipSync! and Fox Day are the reasons that people often hear about SGA, as these major campus traditions are organized and paid for by them. While these events are fun and a big part of SGA’s presence, Student Government has far greater influence on campus.

If there is something you’d like to voice to a senator, a list with contact information is available below. Senators deal with issues as big as General Education requirements or as minute as toilet paper.

Click here to Meet Your Representatives.

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