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Where are YOU this Spring Break?

This spring break, Rollins students are making an impact both at home and abroad. Through the Immersions: Citizens Take Action program sponsored by the Office of Community Engagement (OCE).

Three groups of students are participating in Alternative Spring Break programs in the country: Florida Panhandle: Water Conservation, Miami: Change Agents and Community Empowerment, and Travel to Texas: A Focus on Criminal Justice. Continue to check back to The Sandspur for pictures and updates about their experiences.

In addition to the three previously mentioned experiences, this year, Rollins students, faculty, and staff have gone a step farther. OCE offered an opportunity to give back abroad in the ASB 2012: Service in Abaco. Throughout this week, these students have been working with children from Every Child Counts (ECC), a school for children with special needs. Follow their experiences at their blog:


“I had to stop and reflect on how beautiful these little souls are and how happy they are at ECC. I wonder sometimes what their backgrounds are. I know some don’t come from exactly the best home lives but when they are at ECC they are at home.” -Holly Walls

“One thing that I couldn’t help but notice was that the children were all so loving and supportive of each other. It made me happy to see that they were growing up in a positive environment where they not only gain education but also learn how to respect and love one another as much as love and respect themselves.” -Britt Endland ’15

“Every minute I am at this school, I realize that this school is everything to these kids. It is there safe-haven, and one of the few places, if not the only place, that they feel completely safe. The teachers and volunteers are truly heros. Without them those kids would not have a school that caters to them.  Each day I form deeper connections, and I can’t wait to form even deeper ones throughout the week.” -Jenea Robinson ’14

“This is shaping up to be a life-changing experience and I have a feeling already that I will find my way back here in the future.” -Emily Kobler ’13






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