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An Afternoon with Your Administrator

A chance to play and eat Domino’s for free? Who could ask for more? But wait— there is more: a chance to speak up about issues at Rollins that you would like the administration to address, and free food and games.

On Sept. 7, Vice President of Planning and Dean of the College Laurie Joyner hosted the first monthly Domino’s with the Dean. Planned by Assistant Director of Community Engagement Meredith Hein and Executive Assistant to the Dean of the College Adrianne Benso, Domino’s with the Dean offers students an opportunity to talk to the people who are in charge of them in a friendly environment.

In her new positions, Joyner oversees all student affairs offices on campus. Her position allows her to make sure that everything on campus, from the budget to the cooperation of campus organizations, is student-centered. Fulfilling students’ needs and solving their problems have become her top responsibilities.

“Domino’s with the Dean provides an informal way for students to provide feedback,” commented Joyner at the event. “I want students to work through the chain of command, but if their problem is still unresolved, I will personally work to make sure they are happy.” While Joyner recognizes that there are simply some issues Rollins cannot address (i.e. a student wanting a major Rollins does not offer), she knows that Rollins can always improve the “hassle factor” and student life as a whole.

Domino’s with the Dean is one way for students to raise concerns to the administrator directly in charge of their wellbeing. According to Hein, it was a fantastic “opportunity for the student’s administrator to be transparent.” For the 30-plus students in attendance, it was a safe, fun place to raise concerns and ask questions. Dean Joyner gave them that space.”

Domino’s with the Dean is simply one of the many new programs created by the new dean of the college to provide comprehensive communication between students and administration and to provide the students with, in the words of Joyner, “anything we can do to make your time here more meaningful.” In addition to monthly breakfast meetings with all the student athletes and dean of college assemblies for all staff members that fall under dean of the college, Joyner offers open office hours a few times a month for anyone who would like to ask a question or raise a concern.

As vice president on the president’s cabinet, Joyner is able to work through the issues affecting the campus with the students in mind. While the administration is already student- centered, they recognize that there is “always room for continuous improvement.”

What do the students think of these new services? Sophie Jupillat ’15 thought Domino’s with the Dean was a cool experience. “It was a good change to socialize and meet other people outside of your classes and to meet the dean.”

Mitchell Wilkins ’15, a recent transfer student, also enjoyed the program. “It was a fun way to put faces to names. I think it is important to get to know the people who are making the decisions that affect my life.”

To participate in the next Domino’s with the Dean, watch your emails for the next date and time. If you have any comments or concerns, feel free to stop by Joyner’s office in Warren 107. “One of the best things about this job is that I get to spend time with the students.” She looks forward to seeing you there and making your experience at Rollins that much more meaningful.

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