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Student Org Spotlight: Brushing

Literary and art journal offers a new creative outlet. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes! It’s that time of year again for us–lovers of all things creative–poets, writers, and artists. Grab your reading glasses and favorite coffee mug because it is here again, my dear friends. Brushing! With furrowed eyebrows and room-wandering eyes, you may ask, “What the heck is Brushing?” Your innocent curiosity rings just like mine did. “Brushing is Rollins College’s undergraduate journal of art and literature” Ali Perry, editor of Brushing, says. I had the opportunity to speak with her and learn much more about this under-exalted, praise-repressed, great, little piece of Rollins College.

Take a moment, if you will, and imagine an outlet for qualifying poets, writers, and artists to showcase their work for leisure and starving indulgence for eloquent and abstract expression. That’s exactly what Brushing does! This student magazine is accepting of art, poetry, short stories, photography, and other creative works. If you are unaware of it though, it’s not of coincidence. Brushing has been absent from campus for a few years, Perry stated along with mentioning that it was Chelsea Cutchens who brought the journal back, publishing an edition of Brushing last year. This is one of the plausible reasons it doesn’t ring many bells. Perry credits the student body of Rollins College for rising to the challenge and presenting, “… a wide array of incredible work. That enthusiasm will transcend into this year and soon it will be as if the magazine never left.” Perry goes on to address the audience and publicity for this resplendent part of Rollins tradition.

Since Brushing is starting anew, I am hoping that it will continue to reach out to a much broader audience as time progresses. This will be its second year back at Rollins. This means that we will get a whole new group of students submitting and then looking forward to next year. Last year when the magazine was released, a campus wide event took place in which authors came and shared their work. I would like to do another campus wide event this year. This gets the [everyone] involved. Allowing students to be heard is one of the goals of Brushing, so a wider audience is always appreciated.

For anyone whose inner passion is now burning and fueling a fire for expression that can only be extinguished through the oxidizing of what smolders within them, a campus-wide email will be sent out to everyone. It will ask for submissions at the end of October and again in November with the deadline being in December. Posters will also adorn our campus cork boards to notify of deadlines and constantly remind us of something excellent that is at our fingertips. From the editor herself, “The voice of last year’s magazine was a combination of both underclassmen and upperclassmen. The submissions came from a variety of students, and since the submissions call is campus wide no one is excluded. This year we look forward to a mixed voice from all ages on campus.” So come one, come all! Answer the monthly call for your art and works! This is a chance for your voice to be heard via a variety of mediums—stories, poems, sketches, paintings…the possibilities are endless. Write on and draw happiness or forlorn!

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