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Plans made for softball locker room

Without a locker room, the team keeps their belongings in the dugout. (Carolina Skillman / Staff Photographer)

lans are officially in the works to give the softball team a locker room space. The team has been one of the only varsity programs at Rollins to not have a locker room since the program was founded in 1987. 

A building outside the left field fence of the softball stadium has been leased by the college from the City of Winter Park, and the inside will be renovated to create this new locker room space.

Over the summer, Pennie Parker, director of athletics, worked with the City of Winter Park on how to provide the softball team with a locker room space. Parker has reached an agreement with the City, resulting in the college leasing a building in Lake Island Park, which runs into the outfield fence of the team’s field. This building is located just outside of left field.

Michelle Frew, head coach of the softball team, said that the team is “over the moon” about the promise of available locker room space. “Our players will have a place to store their valuables during practices and games. It will also serve as a meeting place for the team.  Even more, we now have a place to take shelter during inclement weather.”

Frew said that because the softball field is located at Martin Luther King Jr. Park, which is property of the City of Winter Park, they have faced many obstacles in trying to conduct renovations to the field and surrounding buildings.

The locker room plans come after countless cries for help from the team after The Sandpsur reported that players’ belongings were being stolen from the field.

Players have also submitted articles and met with administrators regarding their concerns.

The College and the Athletic Department did not get back to The Sandspur regarding further details or when these renovations will be completed. They also did not get back to The Sandspur on how much these renovations will cost.

When asked for details about the renovation of a locker room space for the softball team, Nate Weyant, assistant athletic director for strategic communications, said “the College and Athletic Department are actively pursuing ways to improve the student-athlete experience at the softball stadium and all our athletic facilities.”

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