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Provost Search: Round 2

Last spring, Rollins began the search for a new faculty member to fill the provost position. Since we do not have a permanent posting, finding a provost has proven to be an extremely extensive mission, including two committees, multiple screening processes, and several interviews.

During the spring semester of last year, Rollins created a search committee to advertise the open position and review the credentials of the applicants. Normally, the search committee chooses four candidates whom members believe will be best for the job to then be reviewed by a selection committee headed by President Duncan.

Last time, however, the search committee only presented the selection committee with one candidate, Abiodun Goke-Pariola, because they believed he was appropriate for the job and because he had strong support from the majority of the interviewers. In the end, he was turned down.

Director of Human Resources Matt Hawks, who was on one of the committees last year, commented, “He was seriously considered, but was not offered the job.” This fall, it was decided that to avoid a similar incident, the new search committee would also receive aid from an agency, Witt /Kieffer. Witt /Kieffer will help with recruiting applicants.

According to Dr. Ed Cohen, co-chair of the search committee and chair of the English department, President Duncan, “charged us [the search committee] with the responsibility of presenting him with the names of no fewer than two and no more than four fully acceptable, but unranked, candidates.”

Back in Oct. 2010, Rollins advertised in the Chronicle of Higher Education detailing pre-requisites. Those include a Ph.D., a firm commitment to liberal arts education, recognition of the importance of diversity in college life, and strong leadership skills.

Right now, the search committee is going through the application letters from Witt / Kieffer. Members will choose candidates to interview. Based off of those interviews, they will bring the finalists to campus in mid-February.

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