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Visiting professor wins international business award

Dr. Justin Paul

Dr. Justin Paul, a visiting professor of marketing and international business, received the Distinguished Visiting Scholar and Fellow award from the Indian Institute of Management, a prestigious business school in Kozhikode, India.

Visiting scholars host workshops and seminars at the university, mentoring and instructing students and junior colleagues for one month each year. Paul is planning on spending a month this summer at the university. He will mentor junior graduate students on marketing. 

The award provides an opportunity for Rollins to increase its international connections. Paul said that the offer will not only help him as a professor but help in terms of more collaborations, international activities, and exchanges. These collaborations may include co-authored research papers and student faculty exchange programs.

 Paul said that “they select people with a lot of recognizable research track records and published articles.” Paul has developed several theoretical models, theories, and frameworks in marketing. 

One of these is the Masstige model, which is taught at Rollins. According to Paul, the Masstige Model states that companies and shops can keep their prices high and/or increase them by using certain strategies, such as marketing toward low-income consumers in their 20s instead of just high- and middle-income consumers. 

Paul will receive an award of 140,400 rupees, or $2,028, return airfare from the U.S. to India, and rent-free executive accommodation. 

The institute started giving the awards last year, when it selected three professors, one of whom is from Oxford University, England. 

“Overall, it’s a good offer because it encourages international collaborations and it helps in boosting the research output for the school,” said Paul. “For me, it’s also an opportunity to mentor more junior scholars and junior faculty members. It’s a recognition for my work and what I do now.”

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